Rolltape made podcasting, both personal and public, as easy at 1-2-3

Rolltape made podcasting, both personal and public, as easy at 1-2-3


Who would have imagined? When all news is about video and instant messaging, people in fact are consuming more audio storytelling. People are referring to it as “the renaissance of podcasting”. According to Edison Research’s The Infinite Dial 2016, 21% of Americans above age 12 (57 million people) have listened to a podcast in the past month, demonstrating 24% year-over-year growth last year.

The free mobile app Rolltape is paving the way with audio messaging and user-generated content for podcasts. Rolltape enables anybody to quickly create five-minute audiograms to share stories from their lives, update friends and family and keep relationships stronger.

Private messages… until recently. Rolltape just unveiled its public “Rolltape Radio” feature. The new functionality allows anyone – bloggers, influencers, artists, public figures, celebrities, gurus, and subject matter experts – to make and broadcast a “Rolltape” on Rolltape Radio as well as anywhere on the web. Anyone can also share links to “Rolltape Radio” on Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds, blogs, websites, and online newsletters.


Intimacy in a larger scale, with friends and followers

People now have a spectrum of communications they use,” explains Jessica Taylor, Rolltape’s Co-founder and CEO. “Sometimes they want to share a story 1-on-1 with friends and family – a more private experience. Sometimes they want to share an experience publicly – like a marriage proposal story, or sharing news about a new baby. People don’t have the time to do dozens of phone calls to share these intimate stories from their lives, so it’s great to have a solution to create audio messages, personalize them with images and music, make them public and then share them on social media.


How to use it

You record, you personalize with music, a photo, and a title, and then when you send, you have 2 options: you can send your message privately to anyone in your phone contacts or you can broadcast it publicly on Rolltape Radio.

Viral tool for bloggers, influencers, journalists

“Rolltape Radio” gives creatives a new channel to engage and interact with their audience. There is a mobile-optimized website where the public’s tapes are posted. Fans, followers, and visitors listening can share links on social media, so the Rolltapes will have a broader exposure, thanks to a viral effect. Public Rolltape messages can be made for a variety of use cases, among them:

  • a short audio description of a blog post, a magazine’s article, a slideshare, or a video
  • presenting an extract from a business conference
  • highlighting a special product promotion

« Rolltape’s evolution from private messages to public broadcasting is akin to Snapchat’s. » said Jessica Taylor. « Snapchat first introduced the notion of private snaps, and then later they unveiled user stories, which are public ».

An other example is the pilot partnership with BuzzFeed Audio’s Another Round podcast! Another Round is a trending podcast hosted by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton covering race, gender, and pop culture.

Another Round has an engaged community of listeners that we’re pleased to invite to Rolltape to share stories and respond to questions from the show. We updated Rolltape today with special features to welcome Another Round listeners and allow them to easily broadcast their stories on Another Round’s station on Rolltape Radio.

Why audio in an ‘all-videos’ erea ?

At first, we would thought posting a video on YouTube would be the choice of many. “Not at all,” says Jessica Taylor. “If you are a content creator, good videos are difficult and expensive to produce. If you are a celebrity, you need to have your makeup artist, your cameramen… Anybody popular on YouTube invests a certain amount in production quality. So there is more artifice in video in general. In audio, you are just using your voice, artifice is minimal, and you can deliver more authenticity”.

Audio has another trick. When someone listens to audio, he/she has to really engage, she has to pay attention and activate her imagination. This is when she accesses her emotions and where relationships can deepen. Luckily, it was the aim of Jessica Taylor from the beginning, when she left a high position at Google to create a free app to “keep relationships strong with close friends and family”. And now with followers too.

Check out Rolltape Radio and download Rolltape to make tapes for your friends.

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