Ysance + AB Tasty: Powerful Personalization Made Easy for All

Ysance + AB Tasty: Powerful Personalization Made Easy for All







Question: How many tests does your company run annually (targeting, personalization, user experience tests…)?Consider Netflix who ran 160 A/B tests in 2015 alone. Most tests were designed around customer acquisition and each was used to objectively compare between 2 and 20 different experiences, especially around multi-device and multi-channel personalization.

Clearly the ultra-personalized experience provided by Netflix, tested and back tested on the basis of statistically valid numbers, rather than hunches, is one of the reasons for its runaway success.

Split testing, which fueled the historic success of mail order companies (with up to 20% of their marketing budgets set aside for tests) is given a reboot with the availability of a new solution that aims to make it easier to run omni-channel tests, which – for the very first time – leverage both online and store data.



On one side, we have AB Tasty, an A/B testing and personalization vendor.



On the other, Ysance, the provider of an innovative people-based marketing platform provides the unique ability to match the online world with in-store purchases.



We attain a level of on-site personalization that was not possible before – one that incorporates data from both online and offline behavior (Point-of-sale, CRM, cookies, email logs, website logs, mobile apps data…).

Marketers gains a simple and intuitive way of running tests, without technical knowledge and with the ability to base them on their own business KPIs (web site, mobile site or native app).

By adding audience segments delivered by Ysance to our platform, we are giving marketing teams more independence and the ability to activate this new knowledge in a few clicks,” as explained recently Alix de Sagazan, co-founder of AB Tasty.






The test scenarios can go very far.

An example at a home improvement retailer: Ysance is able to show that in investing a given amount on a given channel will translate to a given sales lift in a given store.

It would thus be unproductive to offer a customer a rebate for something they would already buy (this is one of the major actionable insights provided by Ysance), however, why not offer to upgrade their club card status, send them a “Member-Get-A-Member” offer, or a discount to use in the in-store cafeteria? There are many cross-channel scenarios that are easy to test online for each customer, depending on their profile.

Another example: A customer who just purchased items in a sporting goods store. Not only Ysance enables the retailer to hold off on sending promotions the next day – to avoid marketing fatigue – but the partnership between AB Tasty and Ysance enables the retailer to test the best post-purchase follow-up strategy: Send a thank-you message? An invitation to the online user community? The results of the test help the retailer chose the right time to engage the customer, or not at all, and with what message, all of which may vary from customer to customer (depending on age, device used, purchase history, acquisition channel…).

Romain Chaumais, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer based out of San Francisco sees this type of ultra-personalization as a gaining traction among the US retailers it is talking to: “By combining AB Tasty’s personalization solution with our platform, marketing departments improve the relevance of their content and messages in support of individual customer preferences.”

The goal is to improve the top line and profitability based on the full purchase and behavior history of the customer, across all channels and devices, with this scientific method that puts data at the heart of decision making.

Both Ysance and AB Tasty can be reached at their US offices in San Francisco and in New York respectively.


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